Benefits Of Travel

 Benefits of Travel.
 Video by Ruth Chiyabu

Reasons why you should travel. 

People just love to travel and see the world, meet new people, explore the seas, mountains, the dry savannahs of Africa.

It is within our nature, people easily get bored and stressed if they remain in the same place for a while hence the need for some time out and the more dangerous and intriguing the destination is, the better.

Scientists have proved that people who travel are generally healthier and happier due to low-stress levels. Now read on and find out the main benefits of travelling and seeing new places. Get the best hotel deals here

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1. Travelling improves your health.

two women taking a swim
photo by Andrea Piacquadio

  • When you have finally chosen your dream destination, packed your stuff and you are on your way, all your day-to-day hustles just melt away and you just unwind and let it all go.
  •  For the next couple of days there will be more sleep and more sleep, no more 7 am alarms and 5-minute snoozes.
  • when you are out there your heart works normally.
  •  your mind is at peace.
  •  Nature has a way of calming your nerves down, never underestimate the healing power of nature.

2. Travel removes depression

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  • Depression is a disorderly state of mind that causes you to be constantly sad and without a passion for life.
  •  The main symptom of a person with depression is isolation and segregation and this can be easily fixed by travelling and seeing new places and people. The effect is almost instant. Learn more about depression here

3. The creativity in you is unleashed.

Person Holding Black Dslr Camera
photo by Julia Avamotive

  • Whenever you are going to a new destination curiosity will be eating at you, you can't wait to find out what the place has in store for you.
  •  You are even ready to face any challenges that might come your way, I have seen this, especially in the African safari where your survival instincts and endurance can be put to the test and you are supposed to come out the winner.
  •  You will find that you can make decisions in a split second.

4. You will know who is the real you.

Young Woman in Snow
photo by Daniel Frank

  • All travel enthusiasts will agree with me on this one, Come face to face with a lion and you know that if you make any sudden wrong move you are done for.
  •  An elephant charges at you and fear will grip you but you know that you must stay calm and make sure that it's a mock charge or not then you can bolt for safety or you just shout and make noise to scare it off.
  •  A scorpion bites you and you scream your lungs out and the pain is just too much but you remind yourself to be strong that you came here to conquer.
  • Your limits are tested, you will be able to see how you adapt and react to changes the high humidity of the African safari no longer bothers you.
  •  The mosquito bites, snake bites the wounds sustained become signs of endurance and you become proud of them.

5. Your communication skills are greatly improved.

Focused young man showing retro photo camera to male friend
photo by Kamaji Ogino

  • When you are faced with a completely new territory with the local people and you probably don't have the convenience of an interpreter you got to do it on your own.
  •  When I went to Namibia for the first time and I was booked at a certain desert lodge and our tour guide was not good in English so we had to use some of the wildest and funny ways to communicate.
  • You will even end up knowing a few native words and appreciate racial and cultural diversity and tradition. Want to stay in the best hotels? Find them here

6. Fantastic recollections are made.

man having fun with child
photo byBiova Nakou

Memories will quite often significantly affect our lives whether fortunate or unfortunate they will undoubtedly lastingly affect our lives, the successes the misfortunes all assist to shape our fates.

 Travelling is a decent approach to meeting and making those new memories, those photographs and recordings become valuable belongings for quite a long time into the future.

Photographs and recordings made on vacation with family create a strong connection between a family.

7. Escape the rat race.

  • Our day-to-day hustles become so mundane that the continuous merry-go-round sequence of our jobs starts to weigh us down and at times you just want to run away from it all, that's why it's of utmost importance to take some time off and go to the countryside away from the bustle of the city where the tranquillity of nature can heal and soothe you.
  •  When you go for such a retreat you always come back a rejuvenated person with so much energy and focus, so do yourself a favour, make that booking, take that flight or better still drive and you won't regret it. Get your hotel deal here.

8. Travelling teaches you to be patient. 

  • From the time you decide to book that holiday up until you arrive and start to enjoy your holiday, all that planning needs utmost patience.
  • You will face obstacles, challenges and many delays and that will demand a great deal of patience.
  •  I once had to wait for six hours for my suitcases to be located in a hotel after the potter had put them in the wrong hotel room and the person booked in that room with my suitcases had left for the day, you can imagine I had to sit ducks the whole day doing nothing at the hotel.

9. You will have tons of fun.

  • This is probably the most important to me, I just wanna have some fun I just wanna laugh till I drop.
  • In every tourist resort that I have visited, I have never come across sad folks, everyone is just in high spirits enjoying every moment. This is the magical effect of travelling that you can never escape from.


So there you have it folks make it your lifestyle go out there 2 or 3 times a year or more if you can afford it and explore the world, meet new people, taste new food,  taste new wine, and go deep into the sizzling hot African savannah and see the beauty of nature. Get the best hotel deals around the world

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