My 8 healthy ways of life and decisions to make to remain healthy in 2023.

The promising and less promising times, the bustling timetables, and the vicissitudes of life will gradually negatively affect our well-being and lifestyle, so it is vital to find some kind of harmony in our day-to-day life so our well-being isn't affected adversely.

Many a time people disregard their well-being by pursuing life when as a matter of fact it ought to be the alternate way round, thus, life pursuing them, the former will bring about desperate medical problems if not tended to in time. 

Peruse along and look at these 8 models or decisions that should be made no matter what to keep a healthy way of life as you grow into adulthood.
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1. Get some sleep! will you?
woman sleeping

photo byAndrea Piacquadio

Life mentors and prosperity aficionados will battle with me for advancing the gospel of laziness yet that isn't the issue here, there is an ideal opportunity to work and there is a time to rest, too much of either of these two will kill you, and vis a vis, well, an excess of rest will surely deal with  your purse, therefore you need to balance these two
As indicated by research, these are some of the issues that are brought about by lack of sleep.
2. Stay away from junk food.
juicy burger
photo by Andra

A burger every now and then is good but these are the types of foods you must limit, about 45 percent of a household's food requirements is fast foods according to research, and this paints a very bad picture of how people gamble with their health.

 It is fair for some people to eat fast food due to work schedules but people must learn to shoot down those hunger pangs whenever they spot a drive-thru food outlet.

3. Gulp lots of fluids.
bottles of water
photo by Suzy Hazelwood

This concept is pretty basic, take a motor car engine for example, what will happen if you run the engine without lubrication? the engine will soon cease and will die for good, it is the same concept your body needs to be lubricated to maintain a clean running engine which is your gut, constipation is the most common sign of poor lubrication in your gut.

4. Keep an eagle's eye on your body weight.
woman standing on scale
photo bySHVETS production

Look at a person's body and you can easily tell that they are overeating or they are eating far too less, although body weight cannot tell you the whole story of a person's health and lifestyle it can go a long way in alerting you that something may be wrong somewhere.

A BMI calculator can come in handy to know if you have the correct weight for your body or not, this tool calculates your correct body weight by measuring your height and your current body weight, so you will need a tape measure and a household step-on scale.

5. Don't be lazy exercise or move around more often.

woman exercising
photo by koolshooters

Lack of exercise is a sure way of gaining weight even more rapidly.

 Active people are less likely going to suffer from coronary illnesses in the early or late adulthood stages. Exercises can be done in many ways as long as you like that kind of activity, eg;
  •  cycling 
  • walking
  • jogging 
or get a training instructor to help you out if you can afford it as long as you can break a sweat you are good to go.

6. Take it easy on that booze.
people drinking beer
photo by ELEVATE

For most people, it's totally unimaginable to spend the whole month without holding that glass of scotch and savoring every seep but some can sacrifice at least a whole week without booze. 

If you are a man and drinking every day, um sorry to tell you that very soon you won't last five minutes in bed, you will become the most pathetic performer in bed and um sure you know what women do to that kind of man.

Alcohol abuse is the main driver of crime and domestic violence, violence against women which is sadly on the rise, not to mention promiscuous behavior when one is intoxicated.

7. Watch it on salt and sugar.
salt shaker
photo by Lorena Martínez

. The sure end result of a high intake of salt is high blood pressure and this condition is a top killer worldwide, try to choose sodium-low-content products when shopping and remove the need to add salt to food on the table.

High sugar intake also leads to diabetes, sugar, and salt were only made to give taste to whatever you are eating and it must remain so.

8. No smoking!
burning cigarette
photo by Pixabay

Smoking continues to kill people around the world in their millions, there are no excuses for this when you start having that morning cough it's surely time to stop.

Tar, and nicotine chemicals in tobacco cause lung cancer and you don't wanna be found in this vehicle trust me. This is how you can stop this nonsense;
  •  know what causes your craving and try to shoot that reason or environment down,
  •  it could be food just deny yourself the conducive environment for you to pull one out of the box,
  •  ignore the voices and keep moving and never look back, three days of consistency is all you need, you can check out my other post on health here. GOOD LUCK.

Health remains everyone's priority in life, no matter how much we hustle, no matter what life throws at us we must make sure health and wellbeing are safeguarded, no money is worth your health, and you cannot enjoy your wealth in a hospital bed, can you?

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